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Precision Weigh Scale -

Datum Precision Weigh Scale The RDA Precision Weigh Scale has many uses, and is a popular option in the refrigerant handling industry. The weigh platform has a flatbed design, a capacity of 120kg and an accuracy of 10grams. The platform has an integral supply socket that can be switched at a selected level to control external pumps and equipment. It also has the option of an electronic switch activated by a predetermined weight either on rise or fall. This transfer control weigh platform was originally designed for the refrigeration industry the platform is also used in numerous other simple fluid transfer and filling applications.

Key Features
  • Load capacity up to 120kg
  • Switched socket outlet rated at 10A
  • Adjustable trip point can be set to operate on either rising or falling weight
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery back up for on site weighing
  • Full bridge centre point load cell and digital amplifier for high resolution and accuracy
  • Low profile robust steel construction in durable industrial paint finish
  • Touch pad controls for ease of operation
  • Large digital LCD display
  • UNITS button toggles display between kg and lb/oz
  • HOLD button to interrupt transfer by temporarily de-energising outlet socket
  • Self calibration and compensation for ambient temperatures between -20 °C and +40 °C
  • Carrying handle with cable winder 2m mains lead with moulded plug Safety overload stops and audible alarm
  • Hinged cover to protect the fascia
  • Full instructions displayed

The Equipment
When recovering liquid refrigerant from plant or equipment a recovery cylinder can fill rapidly. For this reason, particularly with smaller cylinders, it is important to have accurate rapid response weight measurement. The instrument in the RDA Professional Weigh Scale samples three times every second, achieving a high accuracy of displayed weight and trip point operation. For safety it is not recommended to fill refrigerant cylinders to more than 60% of the full capacity in order to allow a vapour space for expansion. The only safe method of determining the amount of refrigerant or pressurised product contained in a cylinder is by measurement of gross weight. Calculate the maximum allowable gross weight by addition of the container tare weight and the maximum net fill stenciled on the container.

Data Sheet Precision Weigh Scale

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