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New Interface Module Enhances Datum’s Torque Transducers


November 2010 | Datum Electronics Ltd

Datum Electronics industry standard Torque Transducers; the Series M420, known for its simplicity and reliability has received a technical boost with the introduction of our 400 series interface module.  The new 400 series interface module allows the user to receive their data in a simple, efficient and reliable manner.  The 400 series torque transducer interface module provides a selection of outputs; 4-20mA, +/-10Vdc, RS232, RS485 and USB therefore accommodating in one simple package; Analogue options, USB or faster data. This can be integrated into all of Datum’s standard Torque, Speed and power measurement systems, including; Rotary torque transducers, shaft and power measurement kits, marine torsion meter systems and custom shaft power measurement solutions

The M420 has been designed to fit with most applications and solutions that require rotary torque measurements.  The torque transducer fits in-line with the drive train using standard keyway shafts.  A non contact transmission provides a serial output directly proportional to torque; in this variant it is supplied as a complete transducer with bearings to support the stator unit on the rotating shaft.  The M420 is a proven design with known accuracy of better than 0.1%.  With the 5 standard sizes able to measure torque; from 0 – 20Nm up to 0 - 20,000Nm and a simple mechanical fit. The M420 has always had a broad range of appeal to customers; and the introduction of the new 400 series interface module has given the M420 even more accessibility for those who want to purchase a simple and easy to install torque solution

For more information on the series M420 torque transducer or any other of Datum’s products or custom solutions please visit our website www.datum-electronics.co.uk or contact our team; web@datum-electronics.co.uk and Tel : +44 (0) 1983 28 28 34