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Jaylor improve their product Sales by utilising the Datum Electronics PTO Torque and power transducer

Jaylor Fabricating Inc.

Jaylor has recently purchased a second Datum Electronics PTO Torque transducer, and plan to use a transducer as a sales/marketing tool.


Luke Vandergaag, Jaylor Design Engineer says;

“The 420 Series Torque Transducer has been an efficient tool in measuring actual PTO horsepower.  Jaylor Fabricating Inc. has performed over 100 field tests in various weather and conditions.  The 420 Series PTO Torque Transducer is a compact, tough measuring tool and can withstand almost all conditions. 

 The torque transducer is a simple, user friendly device that can connect to any PC.  The added protection of a current filter will give extra security to the instrument. 

 Jaylor has recently purchased a second transducer and plan to use a transducer as a sales/marketing tool.  When we do field tests on local farms, there is always interest from the farmers as to, how much horsepower the mixer draws?  And, how much their current mixer draws?  We have been using this info to design an auger (for in the mixer) which uses less power and less time. 

By designing an auger which uses less power and time, Jaylor Fabricating Inc. can market our equipment as cost saving and environmental friendly. 

 We are impressed by the quality of product that Datum Electronics Ltd produces.  We will definitely buy from them again.”

 Luke Vandergaag

Design Engineer

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