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Datum's TorqueLog Software now '7' times more efficient


Datum's torque transducers can easily output data in a variety of simple formats when utilising our 400 series interface modules.  The interface module’s USB output has given customers even more flexibility in viewing their torque, speed and power results live and direct onto their PC, Laptop or Netbook.  Datum have developed our own easy to use and set-up software for this; TorqueLog, which is now compatible with Windows 7

TorqueLog provides a direct readout of Torque, Speed and Power on a PC with additional facilities to read peak torque and log data which can be imported to other applications including Microsoft ExcelUsing a USB port from either a Laptop or desktop PC connected to Datum’s industry standard M420 series torque sensors, you can have the data that you require at your fingertips, allowing you to process the information quickly which can be printed, displayed graphically or saved as a spreadsheet

orqueLog is issued free of charge where needed with all of Datum’s torque solutions; from the innovative high speed frictionless RS420 to the Shaft Power Measurement Kits and has always been compatible with Windows 2000 and XP is now fully compatible with Windows 7 machines, giving more to Datum’s customers with a cost effect solution straight from the box