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Datum Electronics announces a 20KNm Size 5 addition to their industry standard M420 Torque transducer range

M420 Size 5 addition to the range 0-20,000Nm available now
M420 Size 5 addition to the range 0-20,000Nm available now

M420 SIZE 5 0-20,000Nm (20KNm)

New addition to the standard M420 Rotary Torque Transducer (with bearings)

Size 5 transducer now available with rating to 20,000Nm (20KNm)

 20Nm to 20,000Nm now available as standard

Datum Electronics have continued to develop their highly successful range of Torque Transducers with the addition of a higher torque model, the Size 5.

 Based on the highly successful industry standard M420 series, we can now offer, the same features and benefits of our technology such as:

  • Digital data, stable, reliable, digital from source on the shaft.
  • Contactless transmission, no slip rings to worry about wear and tear
  • Industry standard design, based on tried and trusted strain guage technology.
  • Simple “Plug and Play” with a digital output and our simple Torque LogTM utility software, you can be up and running straight away with display of the Torque, optional rpm and Power, on a PC.
  • Analogue output options available as well.

Conventional torque transducers and sensors with rotary shaft and static body. This complete packaged torque sensor transmits the torque signal from the rotating shaft within the torque transducer body. The static element of the torque sensor is mounted to the rotary shaft with bearings.

Ideal for applications that require the sensor to be mounted in line with the driven torque including test rig applications.

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